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This is essentially the website that my father, the great local Bandon, Oregon photographer, Airlee Owens, originally had on his own domain. Since his passing I have wanted to clean it up a bit and move it to my own website so that I could have better control of it. (Now that it is on my domain, I don't have to worry about it being shut down while I am not paying attention.) Although, the overall look of the website is completely different, the pictures are exactly as he left them. I hope that you enjoy them as much as he enjoyed shooting them. Hopefully, in time, I will add some more of his pictures.

Bandon Lighthouse Sunset

Sunset at Coquille River Lighthouse - Bandon, Oregon

Bandon Boat Basin Anise Swallowtail Butterfly Bald Eagle Bandon Lighthouse Crashing Wave
Dragonfly Chipmunk Elk Osprey Peregrine Falcon
Red Boat Red-Shouldered Hawk Red-Winged Blackbird Female Red-Winged Blackbird Bald Eagle
Rose Steller's Jay Tiger Lily Tiger Lily Black-Capped Chickadee
Black-Capped Chickadee California Quail California Quail Canadian Geese Chipmunk
White-Crowned Sparrow Spotted Towhee Brandt's Cormorant American Goldfinch Fox Sparrow
Grand Tetons Hermit Thrush Killdeer Tree Snag Sunset
Lorquin Butterfly Oregon Junco Porcupine Raccoon Roof Rat
Golden-Crowned Sparrow Whimbrel Hummingbird Douglas Squirrel Steller's Jay
Wrentit Yellow-Rumped Warbler Western Bluebird Great Egret Fox
Black Bear Black Bear Townsend's Warbler Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Oregon Junco
Hermit Thrush Wren-Tits Skunk Douglas Squirrel Bewick's Wren
Red-Breasted Nuthatch White-Crowned Sparrow Chestnut-Backed Chickadee American Kestrel American Robin
Northern Flicker Bewick's Wren Rufous Hummingbird Douglas Squirrel Douglas Squirrel
Sweet Pea Great Egret and Blue Heron Saw-Whet Owl Sweet Pea Turkey Vulture
Unknown Berries Osprey Osprey Hot Air Balloons Kingfisher
Osprey Osprey Black Tail Deer Pacific Brown Pelican Alder Trees
Yellow-Rumped Warbler Black Tail Deer Varied Thrush

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